Started in March 2018, the I Can Get Fit Superstar program is simply to assist those fitness/active minded with Instagram accounts focused around the activity or activities they do, with some exposure and hopefully more follows. This is a new idea from I Can Get Fit founder, Michael Mann, and the rules are simple.

  1. Have a public Instagram account. This means no private accounts can be considered, as the goal is to help get you followers.
  2. Be active/fitness minded with your content.
  3. Be an individual. This means superstars will NEVER be a brand or company. You can promote companies through your account though. It’s your account.
  4. Not have been a superstar before. The exposure is a one time deal on Instagram and a lifetime here with the Superstar section.
  5. No age/gender/race restrictions. This means any age, any gender, any race can qualify. I do not discriminate against any individual or group.

2018 Superstars

January 2019 Superstar samfine_dancer

January 2019

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February 2019 Superstar littlemissflint

February 2019

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March 2019 Superstar yassy_rocks_contortion

March 2019

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