Active Living

So the year begins and the hunt for a gym to get into better shape happens. This is something many do each year and part of the way through the year, the allure of working out fades and so does your time at the gym. If this has ever happened to you, you are not alone. I have done this very thing myself in the past, even when I was certified as a Personal Trainer. The gym and “getting into shape” mentality must become a part of your life, much in the same way as you bath regularly or you make sure to eat each day. For me, the whole idea of working out was the real culprit. Taking the time out of my day to go somewhere and do something I really did not want to do, only to be dissatisfied with the results, kept me away from doing what I knew I needed in my life. Enter Active Living

What is Active Living?

For me, I discovered the problem was the way I framed “getting into shape” and the belief I needed to “hit the gym”. Most of my life I have been doing one thing, often out of necessity, and that is walking. When you have no car, you find other ways to get around. Sure, when I lived in a bigger city like Los Angeles, I could use public transportation to get where I needed to go. But even with public transportation, going some places it was just easier and much simpler to just walk. Now that I live in a smaller town, I combine my time to be active with other items I would need to do anyways, such as going to the grocery store. And that is what Active Living is really all about: doing those things in your life you need or want to do anyways, integrating them into your life to the point they become things you simply just do.

2017 and Beyond

I have been walking most of my life, to get things done. However, it was not until just this year, 2017, I began to fully engage myself in active living. Sure, in the past I would walk when I needed to go somewhere, if it was within walking distance and I had no other options. But it was not until I decided that something needed to change in my life. Now I use walking as not only my primary source of local transportation, but also as my way to escape the stress of the day. For me, walking allows me time to process the days thoughts, without having to explode. When I was younger, I exploded far too often, and that never turns out as you would hope it would.

So, while I might present various fitness and nutrition items throughout this site, the best personal advice I can give anyone is to take the resources provided and create a plan that works for you. That is a plan which you can see become part of your life. Afterall, active living is not a fad or a phase in life, it is an integral part of your life: the part that brings you peace and happiness.